As soon as I heard Maureen describe the unique way she supports small businesses, I knew she had what I needed. In addition to having answers about business, she had many of the answers I was seeking in life. Whether it was business planning, spiritual awakening and learning about my surroundings, or an ear to listen to my concerns or fears, she was there. She helped to organize my business plan, created a strategy with ideal timing to put plans in play, and, put my mind at ease so I could reach my goals without worrying about failing. Maureen is genuine and is the person you want on your team. She continually works for you even after a project is completed because she truly believes in the success of her clients. She is extremely knowledgeable and has many resources. She will find a way to point you in the right direction. I am so happy I chose Maureen as my business consultant because, quite frankly, she only knows one way: ‘Up to the stars.

Danielle Nigro, Mammanons/Musical Cheffy

I had been struggling to launch a new product line for my business…Maureen was able to bring forth the ideas I had but couldn’t see clearly and together we created a “real time” action plan that I could put into play immediately. In just an hour and a half of working with her, she saved me a year and a half of trying to make sense of all the pieces. That to me is invaluable and I highly recommend working with her.

Robert Brake, President, MetroNorth Computer Consulting

When I started with Maureen, I was recovering from an illness that had put my business on the back burner for years. I had a new product that I knew would help people. I also had an outdated website and no idea how to sell it. Maureen really listened to me. She learned everything about my business and where I wanted to take it. She worked with me to revive an old e-mail list and come up with an email marketing strategy that just felt right. And it is already working beautifully. Her input was so valuable, and the results have been so impressive, that I decided to hire her again to help me with the important decisions on my new website.

Molly Gauthier, Wise Skies Astrology

I was excited to work with Maureen on our re-branding. I had the vision, knowledge and know-how, I just needed help with bringing it all to the for-front with my messaging. As I suspected, Maureen brought it home, so was amazing at helping me see clearly. I highly recommend her.

Chereese Jervis-Hill, President and Founder, Events To Remember ~ Event Management and Public Relations

I worked with Maureen to strategize marketing my business and services for impact and equity. Maureen was an asset. She was organized, full of ideas, and thoughtful and responsive to my needs.

Brenda Boatswain, Ph.D., CGP, Godsend Psychological Services, PLLC

I had the great pleasure of working with Maureen as a coaching client during an intensive review of my on-line business. From that experience, I can attest that Maureen is a true all-around professional. She is a skilled coach, teacher, and mentor. She has both breadth and depth of understanding of many different types of industries and business models. She generously connected me with her extensive professional network and taught me the importance of networking to help my business grow and thrive. Maureen thinks quickly and creatively and will help you move past any resistance or difficulty you may be having in your own business. From the start, Maureen makes you feel capable of achieving the mission you have set out to do. I’m very grateful to Maureen for what she has shared with me and recommend her so very highly to you.

Christine Li, Ph.D, Procrastination Coach