It became clear that the skillsets that I possessed were not going to take me to the next level. I needed to get someone who possessed insights, skills and knowledge that I didn’t possess.

Going forward without a consultant for me is not an option.

I actually shudder to think where I would be without having brought Maureen onto the team.

J. Philip Faranda, Broker/Owner of J. Philip Real Estate - Client since 2014; Substantially Increased Ranking, Revenue + Recruitment

My recent strategy session with Maureen was invaluable. Business owners, particularly those of us who are solopreneurs, really need someone objective who we can bounce ideas off of; Maureen provided me with that sounding board and I’m very grateful. Over the course of our conversation, an idea came to me for a program that I’m definitely going to implement this year and I’m very excited to serve my customers in a new way. I’ve also taken important steps to move my business forward that I might not have been motivated to take otherwise. If you’re feeling stuck and need the perspective of a seasoned business strategist, call her. Thank you, Maureen!

Kate Fitzpatrick, CEO and Founder, Kate Fitzpatrick Consulting

Maureen thoughtfully, intuitively and kindly helped me clear the cobwebs, out of my busy brain! My thoughts, ideas and creativity came alive. I used to pour over my desk or computer keyboard thinking only with the left side of my brain, using only words. The ideas got lost or stuck in my notebooks or my computer. By using Maureen’s unique process, I feel like the chaos is finally finding order. I’m thrilled with this new approach and Maureen’s skillful guidance. I am now confident in putting my work out into the world.

Dina Ferrante, Life Coach + Yoga Teacher

We have been working with Maureen for 3 years. During that time, consistently, she has been available, cheerful and exceedingly helpful. Her greatest value and her most unique quality is the organizational skill that she combines with a heartfelt desire to connect with her clients in order to understand the intention behind the work. On one level, this is practical and helps get the job done; but as important, the process is personally fulfilling and ultimately creative and rewarding in and of itself. We would call this a very holistic approach to business development and marketing strategy, so essential to those in the business of wellness who need to be cared for in much the way we intend to care for others.

Dr. Michael Finkelstein and Robin Queen, SunRaven, The Home of Slow Medicine

My challenge to Maureen was to help me transition from one industry to a very different industry. She was great at winnowing to the core of who I am – my strengths, expertise and passions to help me to be more efficient. She helped me to clarify my direction based on my capabilities and financial goals. She not only developed an action plan, she crafted a series of communications to capture the hiring leaders’ attention; and, coached me on how to present myself as a needed solution. I consider Maureen a valuable resource and well worth the investment.

Jan Albanese

Maureen took the time to completely and holistically understand my business and its challenges. Through her unique process, she helped me to see where I was blocked, to clearly identify two ideal client types and develop programs to attract each…because of our sessions I am more focused, energized and ready to up level…in fact, if it wasn’t for our first session, I don’t know if I would have secured a renewal from an ideal VIP client as quickly as I had.

Nancy Sheed, President, Sheed Communications

Maureen has an amazing ability to understand the complexity of obstacles interfering with professional development and intervenes with clarity and support. She can quickly synthesize material while engaging in a supportive and enthusiastic relationship..she completely joins with you as you work on tasks together. I experienced a strong, helpful connection and trust that she represented my interests in a sincere and authentic manner.

Rita Hayes, LCSW, SE

Maureen was instrumental in helping me shape my message and focus in on what was important. I felt her intuitive coaching practices were spot on and I really appreciated her help with organizing my next steps forward. She’s great to work with and I highly recommend her!

Heather Novak, Whole Health Fertility

Maureen is an experienced communicator and strategist. She has the ability to quickly assess the conversation so she can provide direction and support to organize the client in a process driven way. Her knowledge across a number of industries provides insight to both large and small businesses. Maureen brings a depth of probing in a brain storming session to arrive at the heart of what is needed so the client has direction for their next steps. Her support and guidance provides clarity. She is a pleasure to work with and I endorse her services for businesses that require a listening forum and starting point for entrepreneurs.

Karen Jones, KScopeFocus, LLC

Maureen Jacobson is a marketing miracle worker! Maureen helped me to map out steps and strategies for building my business in ways that are logical, understandable, and easy-to-implement. She is extremely intuitive, and her insights and observations prompted exactly the right questions — and answers — that I needed in order to plan out my next steps for growing my business.

Betty Liedkte, Owner, Find Your Buried Treasure