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Oh man…leftovers again…?

How many of you said that growing up…Or hear it now?

When I was growing up , Sundays used to be the day for leftovers. Always hated being the last one to show up in the kitchen…if you were a “late arrival”, you usually got the brussell sprouts or cauliflower or whatever unsavory tidbit was left. (Btw, I love those veggies now.)

So, Maureen, WHY, you may ask, are we talking about leftovers? I’ll tell you why:

We’re halfway through 1st Q & it’s Goal-Check-In Time!

What goals do you have leftover from 2015 that you’ve now added to the 2016 list? How are you going about accomplishing all these goals?

(*REMEMBER: Whatever you put your attention on today will impact late 2nd Q / early 3rd Q!)

In my previous blog on “Breaking up with Your New Year’s Resolution”, I talked about how sometimes we are unable to reach our goals due to:

  1. a lack of passion
  2. an overwhelm in prioritization of next steps and/or
  3. negative self-talk

In my experience, when this occurs, it helps to revisit these goals with a third party (like me) who can provide a fresh perspective as well as creative solutions to get you back on track.

Whether your goal is to finally complete a project that you had started in 2015 (or earlier, no judgment here) or plan to launch a new project(s) in 2016 – email me! The objective is to keep you in action – Attraction loves to be in Action (being passive and willing something to happen simply is not realistic…keeping a positive mindset helps tremendously but so does an actionable plan).

Let’s set up some time to talk about what’s holding you back and how I can support you in finishing those leftover goals from 2015 and get you started on completing 2016 goals while we’re at it!

To your peaceful abundance!Maureen Jacobson transforms Business Owners into Peaceful CEOs through developing goal oriented action plans for a more harmonious, abundant work and home life.