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Is Government Choking Business?

Last Tuesday, I had the opportunity to sponsor Westfair Communications’ breakfast meeting on Is Government Choking Business?

As a consultant that focuses on operational efficiencies, the following is my take away.

First and foremost that the panelists and the audience did indeed seem to agree on one thing: That there are some bad taxes and bad regulations.

However, what I didn’t hear were planned out solutions as to how they would actually fix these issues.

Walter Raquet’s suggestion of having a board of directors made up of successful industry leaders is a start but then what?

What we need are complete solutions.

Why not start at the County level? County Executive Rob Astorino stated that we are the highest taxed county in the United States. Why not start small and make a change here in Westchester County, to show how it can be done?

These inefficient, costly regulations weren’t created overnight so the solutions won’t resolve things overnight. However if you were to approach this systematically by:

  1. Identifying the taxes and regulations that are stunting growth and innovation for businesses in Westchester County,
  2. Developing a comprehensive strategic plan to dissolve what is no longer working, and,
  3. Implementing action steps to remove these “bad taxes” and “bad regulations” then we actually may get somewhere.

I, for one, would love to be part of the solution. I am a person of action and not one to stand on the sidelines when I see that something can be improved. I’d want to roll up my sleeves, get a little dirty if it meant making things better overall for our businesses.

All it takes is openness and a willingness on the part of our legislative leaders to work along side those of us in the private sector that are on the front lines every day to help make the necessary changes. We are, after all, the ones that are seeing first hand how poor legislation is harming business growth, economic growth.

Walter Raquet’s book, “Government is Killing the Economy” can be purchased anywhere books are sold online.