What is the CEO Mindset?

It’s a mindset that keeps you thinking and taking action like a CEO* so that you are guide your business with confidence and become a leader others want to emulate. (In my previous blog “Is CEO a Dirty Word” we explored the qualities that make a CEO that other would want to follow.)

I’ve had several people ask me: “How do you get into this CEO Mindset?”

I started to type “It’s simple…” but honestly it takes practice and discipline – and at times, even I fall out of the CEO Mindset. I’m human. 😉

To keep my mind alert and fresh so I can easily generate ideas or put things in order (hence reducing stress), I:

  • Go the gym or exercise at least once a day
  • Take breaks – visit with friends + family, play with the dog, water my garden, read something mindless…)
  • Plan vacations as it will give me something to strive for

To give me insight and positive feedback (it’s important to have colleagues and business leaders that you can “grow toward”), I:

  • Listen to podcasts or watch YouTube videos on positive industry leaders (Ted Talks; Evan Carmichael YouTube on Top 10 Rules for Success; Marcus Lemonis)
  • Surround myself with people that are successful in life, not just business
  • Ask for help and gratefully accept assistance from my colleagues to help better my skillset
  • Read books and articles both for business as well as self improvement (The Exit Strategy, The Big Leap, Business Partnership Essentials, The Go Giver, The 4-Hour Work Week, etc.)

To become a positive thought leader and contributor to my community at large, I

  • Give to others with no strings attached
  • Let go of things that don’t serve me today
  • Have faith in a higher power and listen to that inner voice to guide my decisions
  • Think beyond myself

Need help establishing or maintaining your CEO Mindset? Reach out – I’d love to hear from you!