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Is Government Choking Business?

Last Tuesday, I had the opportunity to sponsor Westfair Communications’ breakfast meeting on Is Government Choking Business?” As a consultant that focuses on operational efficiencies, the following is my take away. First and foremost that the panelists and the audience did indeed seem to agree on one thing: That there are some bad taxes and […]

This is your vision…

According to the Washington Post, about 50% of small businesses survive 5 years and as time goes on, their success rate only decreases. Which leads me to my question; In a country built on entrepreneurship, why do so many small businesses fail to keep up the pace? Yes, I know, there is no one answer. […]

Getting Into The CEO Mindset

What is the CEO Mindset? It’s a mindset that keeps you thinking and taking action like a CEO* so that you are guide your business with confidence and become a leader others want to emulate. (In my previous blog “Is CEO a Dirty Word” we explored the qualities that make a CEO that other would want […]

Think, Plan + Take Action Like a CEO

THINK, PLAN + TAKE ACTION LIKE A CEO Being a solopreneur or a small business owner, it’s really easy to feel like you’re all over the map at times. And believe me, I know firsthand how you feel! I occasionally find myself there too – overwhelmed, not sure which project to start first as everything […]